Debug Remote SQL Server Store Procedure In .Net

In nova days i have faced one problem that was to debug store procedure that placed on remote sql server.I have found the solution to debug remote store procedure on .net platform.I have mention all the steps below to impliments remote store procedure debugging in .NET.


1). Microsoft SQL Server Provide rdbgsetup.exe file .with help of this file we can debug the remote store procedure.This file is placed on belowed location.

       1: <sql server root folder>/90/Shared/1033/rdbgsetup.exe

2). After double Click On that rdgsetup.exe file this type of dialogbox appears.

3). Click On Next Button and check the accept terms & condition Checkbox and click on install button.


4). After Click On Install Button this picture will apears on your screen.

5). After Click on Next Button Another Dailog open that mention in below picture.


 6). Now Configure Next step same as the picture that shown belowed.

7). After Click on Next Button.Add See the belowed Image.

8). click On Next Button that will finish all the configuration and appear the close screen that mention belowd.


9). After all this Steps over open the Microsoft Visual Studio and run the query.refer below image.

To Debug the storeprocedure Right Click on that and click on Step Into Stored Procudre .


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