Fetching Random Rows In SQL Server

Recently I needed to fetch random rows from a SQL server table. If you have an integer column then using RAND() function goes well. However in my case there was no number column. In such cases you can use newid() function that is provide by SQL Server.

1). Create one Temporary table like Product.

   1: create table Product
   2: (
   3:     ProductId int,
   4:     ProductName varchar(100),
   5:     RetailPrice decimal(18,2),
   6:     ProductDesc varchar(1000)
   7: )

2). After Creating that Product Table Insert Few rows like 100 rows.

3). Now fire the query that mention belowed.

   1: select top 10 * from product 
   2: order by newid()

This query will return every time 10 random product.

This newid() function every time returns some random values. so when we order by from that function every time the product will different then the prev. 🙂


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